Ever wonder how it actually is to have a Fonse partner?

Eager to get tons of files organised but don’t have time to do it?

Don’t think you are ready to go full time on Virtual Staffing?

Then FonseLite might be the way to start.

FonseLite entitles you to a trained staff that can:



Set up your office


Structure your files


Basic bookkeeping


Social media posts


Travel bookings

And get you going…

They are trained in the same processes and everything else applies. **

How does it work?

  1. Sign-up for FonseLite.
  2. You select your block of hours and book in for one time meeting with them and they pick up where you left off.
  3. We assign a Fonse for you.
  4. You tell them the foundation of your business – they set up and off you go.

All these for only $25 USD per hour. ***

**design work, website, podcasting, webinar, media not included.
***plus $99 one-off setup fee