About Us



Lorem ipsum, dummy text. As a Specialised Agency devoted to you, we take care of the details, processes, organisation, and we are perfect for clients who have never had a VA, or need a managed team to implement the processes necessary to structure new company or a smart businessman which doesn’t want to staff shop all over town.

When you employ one person – you get a full support office full of trained staff that cover the myriad of things necessary to launch you ready-made. We save you time and money by having all the skilled staff in one place – and you only deal with one person.

Then you can concentrate on what you do best – Run your Company!




A True Fonse is as rare as Rocking horse shoes. We know when we meet one as they set apart from the rest of the applicants. Being interviewed three times, they go through an apprenticeship and then they are matched to your criteria.

THEN you get to interview them.

That’s not the end of it. They undertake ongoing training so as you grow – they grow.

Matching their skill set to your future needs.

Who else to work for an Entrepreneur but an Entrepreneurial Fonse.

They get their head in the same cloud as you.



Fonses take pride in their client’s satisfaction. When you employ a Fonse, be assured that
your Fonse has been profiled and trained in accordance to your business’ path.
That is why it is important that we know your Business needs and understand your exact
requirements in order for us to assign you the right Fonse. We want you to look back
one day on how far your business has grown and realise
that your SMOFONSE helped you get there.