Everyone has questions? Here are answers to the most commonly asked ones.
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If you have further questions, please shoot us an email today and get answers straight from one of our Fonses!

How long will it take from signing up to officially having a Fonse on-board?
It depends on what your requirements are. If you require very specialized skills, it could take a bit longer. But generally speaking we research our Graduates and should have a shortlist to you in a few days. By the time you have completed your interviews, it could be another week. Average 7-14 days. For On-call services, within 3 days we can accept your work.
What if I have more than 40hrs work per week. Do I have to hire a second Fonse?
We can customize a package to suit your individual needs. It may be you have work exceeding 40hrs per week, but you will always only deal with the ONE Fonse. They in turn will direct the traffic and everyone reports back to that one person. Sometimes the Fonse becomes your team leader in charge of as many people as you require. Contact us and we will be glad to discuss options with you.
Who will train my Fonse?
All of our Fonses are seasoned professionals who are proven to be very capable of getting things done. We take care of their foundation training, the ins and outs of working online, and process building. You will only need to orient your Fonse to the online tools and system you currently use. But when it comes to tasks, expect a big YES for everything you may need.
I would need you to staff my entire company. Can you do this?
Yes, we have set up companies with up to 50 employees, trained in the client specific software, procedures and products. Contact us for further discussion.
How will I pay for the Smofonse service?
We accept credit cards via Stripe both for one off payments and recurring. We do suggest on On-Call plans that you ensure there are sufficient funds and that you renew so your Fonse doesn’t stop in the middle of a project. But we do send you reminders so you can top up in time.
What if my Fonse cannot understand the tasks I give him/her?
Your Fonse will ask questions, specifically if the task will be the first time you will ask him/her. Once your Fonse has completed the task, it will be logged into his/her work processes and giving instructions for the same task will be a breeze in the future.
I don’t like the shortlisted candidates I have interviewed, what’s next?
We will give you up to 3 options for your Fonse. The shortlisted candidates already have passed our series of interviews and tests. This is also why we take time to chat with you before we even come up with potential staff, to make sure we customize the perfect match for you! Should it happen that you do not like the candidates you interviewed, we will reassess your needs and continue with the next batch of candidates.
How secure is working virtually with Smofonse?
We make sure the Fonses are aware of privacy and conditions of their profession. It is up to you how much information you pass on to your Fonse. That is up to you. We suggest you do not give access to sensitive accounts or credit cards or bank details. At Smofonse, when we take our Fonses on-board, we require them to sign a confidentiality agreement, not only for Smofonse but including our clients. You have all the right to provide an individual agreement when it comes to confidentiality with your Fonse.
Can I cancel service any time?
If for whatever reason you do not want to continue with Smofonse, please notify us right away. We do not issue refunds but you can revert your remaining credits/hours to On-call services.

For On-call clients, please note that your remaining credits will be forfeited and should you want to hire a Fonse again, you will need to sign up for service again.

Can my Fonse work during my preferred working hours or my own time zone?
This is another option we are proud of. We would like to make your virtual office experience as seamless as possible, so if you are on a different time zone, your Fonse can adjust to the same hours you will require him/her.
Do you have a bilingual or multilingual Fonse?
If you would prefer a Fonse who can write and speak a language other than English, please contact us. We will arrange this as best as we can. Please understand that process time could be longer than the usual Fonse hiring.
How many Fonses can I hire?
Single sign up is good for one Fonse. If you would need more than one, please contact us so we may discuss options and possibly get the best offer for you and your business.
Whose Holiday schedule shall we follow, the Fonse’s or mine?
You and your business are our highest priority. Your Fonse will follow your Holiday Schedule. If your Fonse will request time off for holidays, we will speak with you about a replacement.
What tools does Smofonse uses?
✔ Communications software that enables you to see your Fonse’s activity throught computer screenshots

✔ Real time online time sheets so you can follow work progress

✔ Webcams (where appropriate)


We only want the best for your relationship.
Please contact us anytime for further information.