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Your Fonse is in the production area now, what special skills are you looking for? Kindly complete this form to help us understand your business need.

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Tell us about your struggles
We know it, you don’t even have to say. Working and managing your business alone is exhausting. Let us know your struggles so we understand.

A Quick Look into Your Business
We need to know your business so we know who the best SMOFONSE fits. They have undergone high level training to best suite their client’s need.

Your Smofonse
We understand that you may have different day-to-day task requirements. We have come up with a general list of what a Smofonse can do for you. We know you may get surprised with how much a SMOFONSE can do but don’t get carried away. Keep calm and answer on!

You and Your Smofonse
Your working relationship with your SMOFONSE will make this work. Our training is calibrated with Tecknology Office Management process.

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