Are you trying to build up your Writing Portfolio?

Wanted to impress your potential employer with creative articles that you have written?

Always wanting to write for a global company to make your impression stronger?

Our client Teck-nology Design and Marketing recognise talents in web designing and especially content writing.

Calling out aspiring web content writers! We are here to help!

Here's How


Submit at least 2 Articles about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing or anything that is Website Design and Web Development Related (Be creative!).


Teck-nology Designs and Marketing will post your article on their website and give you certification of article submission that you can include in your portfolio. (TDM will send you a snapshot of your article along with your certification).


Articles should be no less than 200 words, and plagiarism verified (


All articles submitted will be property of Teck-nology Design and Marketing.